The life span of Sensative (so far)

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Answering the challenge

Sensative began as a response to an innovation challenge set out by one of Europe’s largest suppliers of windows, who wanted concepts for sensors that could integrate into their products. Founder & part-owner of Sensative, Fredrik Westman, was a student at Lund University at the time when he came up with the ultra-thin design concept. And we’re off!



Company started

Serial entrepreneur and CEO of SenseFarm Anders Hedberg joined the team and Sensative AB was established as a company. The focus for 2013 was developing the prototype for the smart home sensor that would become Strips Guard.



New standards & projects

Former Vice President for Platform and Technology Development at Sony Mobile, Mats Pettersson, joins as shareholder and CEO of Sensative. In the spring, the first industrial designs and mock ups of Strips Guard were developed. In the summer, product development for the Z-Wave communication standard took place to address high marketplace demands. In the fall, Sensative participated in a Vinnova-funded project with Växjöbostader and Helsingborgshem to develop an open Internet of Things platform for tenant housing (later to be called Yggio).



Going social & delivering orders

Sensative launches a crowd-funding campaign on Indie-go-go to support the external launch of its first product, Strips Guard (originally called Strips). The smart home sensor was launched and first deliveries were made in the Nordic countries in November of 2015.



Platform & more projects

Sensative and partners show Strips Guard at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (USA). Sensative started development of its smart home sensors for the ZigBee communication standard. The first sales and delivery of Z-Wave products took place in the USA. The first Yggio partner alliance meeting was held at Sensative’s headquarters in December. An open city sensor network was launched in the city of Lund based on Yggio in September. Sensative was awarded startup of the Year in Skåne by Sydsvenskan, the region’s local newspaper.



Expansion & more acknowledgement

Sensative showcases Yggio at CES in Las Vegas at CT Systems booth. Sensative also showcases its products for Z-wave and ZigBee at CES. Sensative broadens its portfolio of sensor products with the launch of Strips Drip and Strips Comfort, which joining the renamed Strips Guard (originally named  Strips). Sensative is awarded one of Sweden’s top 33 young IT companies in April.


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