Which gateways is Strips Guard compatible with?

Strips has been designed to be compatible with any Z wave gateway. Sensative is testing Strips with more and more gateways and with time, the list below is going to grow. In order to achieve this compatibility, Strips has three notification types.

​You may have to change Strips’ notification type to make it work correctly with your gateway.

You should also set the wake up period to 24 hours to ensure prolonged battery life of your Strips.

The following list shows gateways which have been tested in our lab and the required changed for optimal performance.

Important tips:

1: Strips’ wake up interval needs to be manually changed to 24h

* Notification reporting needs to be set to Sensor Binary (configuration setting 1 set to 0)

** Not compatible with fimware version 2.3.5

*** Device needs to be woken up once after inclusion

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