Strips Drip: your new ultra-thin water leakage sensor

Strips Drip is officially available for sale in Europe & the US and we couldn’t be more excited! Joining the Strips family of sensors: Strips Guard & Strips Comfort comes the missing piece of the puzzle, the thinnest water leakage sensor you’ll find on the market: Strips Drip.

Being notified early of a water leak, not only saves water, but can potentially prevent major damage. Via your smartphone you can be notified just in time about a water leak anywhere the sensor is placed. Due to its thin form factor (less than 6mm together with the base plate!), Strips Drip fits everywhere usual water leakage sensors simply cannot. Under dishwashers, under washing machines, under the fridge are great places to utilise Strips Drip.

Strips Drip is a multi sensor which means that it also measures temperature and can let you know about potential freezing. This is great for places like basements, next to pipes or in cabins. Due to its unique design, Strips Drip can be mounted discretely and with its long-lasting battery, you won’t need to worry about charging or changing batteries for up to 10 years!

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