Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companies in 2017

Press release
Stockholm, April 4, 2017
Tonight, for the tenth year in a row, the winners of 33-listan were presented at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The work to find tomorrow’s most promising tech companies started in January when the jury of 33-listan began touring the country. The jury was on the lookout for companies that offered an innovative product or service with great international potential – innovations that could become a game changer within the tech industry.

“It’s encouraging to see that Sweden has founded so many innovative companies and that previous list winners have managed to succeed at such high levels. Several of them like Spotify have reached an annual turnover of hundreds of millions – while other companies like Mojang have been acquired for billions”, says Kalle Wiklund, journalist at Ny Teknik and member of the jury.

33-listan is based on over 200 nominations from companies all over Sweden, from Malmö in the South to Skellefteå in the North.

Going on tour gives us a better opportunity to find the hidden gems out there, and it also means that every region gets a chance to be represented on the list”, says Wiklund.

​This year, Stockholm dominated the list with 14 companies, but apart from that, the list showed good national spread as several regions made their way onto the list. Among these, 4 companies came from Malmö and 4 from Gothenburg.

“Sweden is a country with several global corporations that all started with an innovative idea. There’s a genuine interest for technology here and we have many talented people that deserves extra attention”, Wiklund concludes.

For more information about 33-listan or the contact details of the winners, please contact:
Press contact: Eric Uggla, 0704-151525, eric@lupodesign.se
About 33-listan and the jury: Kalle Wiklund, 072-151 16 52, kalle.wiklund@nyteknik.se

Images from the event can be found at news.cision.com/se/33-listan

About 33-listan
Which of today’s technology start-ups have the potential to be the stock exchange giants of tomorrow? To find out, Affärsvärlden and Ny Teknik have come up with the most important list currently available – 33-listan. This list has existed for ten years, and all the judges are editors on the teams at Affärsvärlden and Ny Teknik. Find out more at http://www.33-listan.se

About Ny Teknik  
Ny Teknik is where you find the latest news, products, trends and innovations. Here you can read about start-ups with the potential to become the next Ericsson or Microsoft. Ny Teknik is at the forefront when it comes to coverage of expansive industries such as IT, telecom, energy and biotechnology, and we always provide useful insights on how new technology is applied within the industry.

About Affärsvärlden
Affärsvärlden is Sweden’s top business magazine and one of the most important sources of economical and financial analysis in the country. The target audience consists of executives and key decision makers within the financial market, as well as of people in leading positions with a special interest in economy.

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